Refresher Course for Basic First Aid (EFR)


Course Outline

(Delivery time: online modules are self-paced. Practicals are approximately 1 hour)

First aid is the emergency care and treatment of a sick or injured person before professional
medical services are obtained. It is not meant to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.
In contrary to misconceptions, first aid is temporary support until professional medical
assistance is available.


To refresh the knowledge of those who already have a valid Basic First Aid (with CPR) certificate so that it fulfills the requirement to renew their existing certificate.


(1) Participants are able to recall what they have already learnt during their first aid training.
(2) Participants are able to identify life-threatening situations.
(3) Participants are able to do what is necessary to save lives.
(4) Participants are able to provide CPR to adults in emergencies.
(5) Participants know how to manage situations in emergencies.
(6) Participants know how to improvise when first aid equipment is not available.
(7) Participants are able to manage respiratory emergencies.
(8) Participants know how to identify a fracture and apply a splint.
(9) Participants are able to provide help to prevent further injuries to casualties.
(10) Participants are able to transport casualties in emergencies.


Online modules of the training will utilize mostly multiple quiz-type tests. Practical assessment will be based on participation and performance competency.

On successful completion of the training which includes online modules and practical training, the existing certificate of the participant will be renewed.


Materials used in this course are used with training permission given to our trainers from Emergency First Response Corporation (USA). Our trainers are licensed to conduct all EFR (USA) courses.


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Suha is a registered nurse and a First Aid trainer. Currently, she is working at Hulhumale Hospital in the medical department.