Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Course


First aid is the emergency care and treatment of a sick or injured person before professional medical services are obtained. It is not meant to replace medical diagnosis and treatment. In contrary to misconceptions, first aid is a temporary support until professional medical assistance is available. 


To ensure that participants are able to provide effective CPR to casualties with respiratory emergencies and have the knowledge to attend other related condition that requires first aid, with available resources.


(1) to identify respiratory emergencies that require CPR; 

(2) be able to provide effective CPR;

(3) be able to provide assistance in respiratory emergencies requiring CPR;


This training will utilize quizzes for assessment. After each module, a quiz will be provided to assess the understanding of the student. In order to pass Part 1 of this course, you have to achieve at least 80% marks from the quizzes.

Part 1:

Theory and video presentation.

Part 2:

Practice of techniques with a qualified lecturer.

The practical assessment would be conducted offline and in the presence of a qualified invigilator.


On successful completion of the training, a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Competency certificate will be awarded to each participant.



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Suha is a registered nurse and a First Aid trainer. Currently, she is working at Hulhumale Hospital in the medical department.